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When information is personalised, then the intended target group is more likely to: Read it - Remember it - Act on it! The personalisation of printing generates revenue increase and compared to mass mailings personalised mailings will increase response rates.




Easy to learn - be up and running in no time: no programming experience needed


Application independent – use existing design and database applications


Works with your existing PostScript Printer


Efficient production process that saves time and money


Open architecture - plugs in easily into any existing workflow


Instant preview to see results before printing to facilitate accuracy


Finishing options per record or per set


Suitable for Print-for-Pay services as well as for corporate environments.




In order to benefit from Personalised printing, ITEC offers Printshop Mail. Printshop Mail integrates database information, e.g. out of your customer database into the layout of a document – the document can be designed in any layout or design application and almost any database format can be processed by Printshop Mail.


By simply dragging and dropping database fields onto the document layout, Printshop Mail creates a link between the database field and your document. It gives you an in instant preview and provides you with a powerful resource checking option.


The document with the link to the database is sent to the print controller only once. During the printing process, only the variable information of the database is sent to the printer on the fly. That workflow shortens the printing process and decreases your network congestion.



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