Itec is a leading document management and printing, production printing and enterprise communications solutions provider, distributing and servicing industry leading and award-winning brands in Mozambique. Itec incorporates industry-leading expertise and innovative technology to aid companies in meeting today’s complex business demands and prepare them for tomorrow’s challenges.

Business Solutions


At the heart of Itec is the ability to provide fully integrated office solutions. Our consultative approach allows us to firstly understand our customer’s needs and then suggest the right combination of hardware, software and services.


Itec offers customised, scalable solutions that streamline business processes, enhancing productivity and efficiency.


Itec will continue to deliver smart solutions that meet the needs of your company and is committed to service excellence and customer satisfaction.

"Itec offers customised, scalable solutions that streamline business processes, enhancing productivity and efficiency."

Office Automation


There has been a distinct shift in the way organisations make their purchasing decisions. Companies are no longer just buying hardware, but are instead investing in total solutions that help them to reduce and control printing costs and administrative burdens.


This is especially true in a market where companies are under financial pressure and desperately need to drive down their print costs while efficiently managing and processing an ever-growing volume of electronic and paper documents.


Software is one of the keys to unlocking the best possible return on investment from the document output environment. It has an invaluable role to play in controlling costs, maximising uptime and optimising productivity. Printing and imaging costs organisations up to 3% of its annual revenue. With the right software in place, companies can understand and control this cost much better and achieve significant cost-savings - in some cases they may reduce device running costs by 25% or more. What’s more, they can also boost productivity substantially and drive better return on investment from their document output environments.


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